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Custom Shirt Designs
Pensacola, Florida

Design Elements
                               Plain Front                                 Placket Front                                    Covered Buttons                  French Front
Choose the front style of your shirt, pocket or no pocket, standard placket front or a covered button front or the fashion look of a French front. All buttons color matched or choose "Mother of Peal buttons. All the choices are yours.
                                       Plain Back                         Center Box Pleat                          Shoulder Pleats                         Inverted Center Pleat
Choose the back style of your shirt, plain, center box or inverted pleat or two shoulder pleats.
  One of the key elements in the design of a shirt are the pockets.
  •   Flaps or no flaps, gussets and inverted pleats.
  •   Decorative stitching and top hemming
  •   One pocket or two, maybe none.
  •   Click on Pocket picture for full screen view
   Pockets with flaps and buttons are especially attractive on casual
   designs. Either one or two, your choice.

    From traditional to fashion looks it's all there for the choosing.

    Make casual wear comfortable and stylish. 
    Click on pocket picture for full screen view
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